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AppTrust solutions are built upon one common theme: effective security controls enable secure applications. FYRM Associates helps organizations identify lapses in security control implementation and create application and organization-wide development plans to correct the root cause of vulnerabilities. Through the AppTrust Assessment, Training, and Certification, FYRM Associates enables organizations to produce secure applications in an efficient and cost-cutting manner.

An AppTrust Assessment is no ordinary application security review. Whether your organization is designing a new application, currently in development, or trying to manage legacy applications, our professionals can provide the answer to three simple but important questions:

  • Is the security control designed properly?
  • Is the security control implemented correctly?
  • Is the security control operating effectively?

The AppTrust Developer Training Class provides students with the necessary knowledge to develop secure applications and create constructive environments that encourage secure application development. Through three days of intensive instruction, this course provides your developers, and ultimately your organization, with the ability to understand and combat current application security threats and vulnerabilities. At the end of the course, students will have the option to take an exam to become an AppTrust Certified Developer.

The AppTrust Application Certification is the new gold standard for secure applications and development. Displaying the AppTrust logo on your application demonstrates your organization’s commitment to utilize knowledgeable people, established processes, and reliable technology in order to implement secure applications that your clients can trust with their sensitive information.

Download FYRM Associates' AppTrust brochure for more information on how our solutions can benefit your organization.

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