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GridTrust™ solutions are built upon one common theme: implement effective security controls to realize a secure smart grid. Focusing on effective security controls, FYRM Associates helps organizations improve the processes and procedures to remediate the root cause of threats and vulnerabilities. Through the GridTrust Solutions, FYRM Associates enables organizations to implement, maintain, and protect their smart grids from current and future threats.

A GridTrust Assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses to provide your organization with actionable recommendations for improving smart grid deployments. Whether you need a security program review, design and architecture analysis, or vulnerability assessment/penetration test, FYRM Associates provides an efficient assessment customized for your organization.

FYRM Associates has the skills and expertise to assess the unique environment and devices in a smart grid. Our personnel have experience assessing the different wireless technologies found in smart grid deployments including RF, Cellular, WiFi, and ZigBee. Additionally, FYRM Associates has the skillset to analyze unique embedded devices including smart meters, aggregators, and relays. FYRM Associates consultants have decades of information security experience, presented at industry conferences on how to improve the security of smart grids, have authored white papers and a book on smart grid security, Securing the Smart Grid.

The GridTrust Training Program develops security-focused smart grid professionals through hands-on training during assessments. Knowledge-transfer from our experienced and industry recognized professionals prepare your smart grid professionals to manage current and future threats.

Download FYRM Associates' GridTrust brochure for more information on how our solutions can benefit your organization.

GridTrust Solutions

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