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FYRM Associates’ Technical Security Solutions (TSS) provides clients with a holistic approach to Information Security initiatives. Providing solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of an initiative, FYRM Associates provides you with a trusted partner who understands the challenges and opportunities that are unique to your organization.

Adequate planning serves as the foundation of a successful engagement. FYRM Associates assists you in developing the best strategy for mission-critical engagements by working together to identify key areas for assessment. This approach allows you to receive the best return on investment with limited resources.

During assessments, FYRM Associates utilizes our proven SAVE methodology to deliver objective, consistent, and accurate results. Objective deliverables state the facts; nothing more and nothing less. FYRM Associates’ objectivity resonates with management and aids the remediation process by removing internal conflict and pre-existing biases. Consistent results provide you with findings and recommendations that are readily integrated into existing remediation programs, thus expediting implementation. Accurate results provide you with the comfort of knowing that the findings and recommendations provided are complete and can be confidently disseminated throughout your organization.

Implementation is the culmination of the Information Security initiative lifecycle. Successful implementations enhance security postures and credibility, while unsuccessful implementations are detrimental to reputations and future budgets. FYRM Associates ensures successful implementations by working with your team and establishing “checkpoints to success.” These checkpoints provide you with regular, informative, and accurate updates on the implementation’s progress and reinforce the principle that FYRM Associates is only as successful as our clients.

Download FYRM Associates' Technical Security Solutions (TSS) brochure for more information on how our solutions can benefit your organization.

Technical Security Solutions (TSS)

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