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DevSecOps and Audit Compliance

Integrating Compliance Auditing with DevSecOps By now you have probably at least read about the benefits of merging development, security, and operations into a cohesive unit (if not also implemented to some degree). Now it’s time to take it a little further: integrating security compliance audits. Whether you face mandated audits, like PCI, FISMA and agency specific implementations like Security Controls Testing (SCA) or NISTIR 8011 flavored Adaptive Capabilities Testing (ACT), or self-imposed assessments for your own [good] reasons (or both), integrating an external audit with your system development and maintenance process can help your organization more efficiently remediate vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and the overall audit process will be less costly.

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We're Doing it Wrong

As an industry, we have failed. Miserably. Cyber security professionals have implemented a broken methodology and graduated from failing to properly identify the problem to failing to present an effective solution. The network security methodology of: 1. Find Vulnerabilities, and then 2. Apply Security Patch, simply does not work for the custom web application environment. This statement may seem obvious, but it’s exactly what the industry has tried to do.

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Introducing AppTrust

FYRM Associates is proud to announce our new AppTrust offering that enables organizations to produce secure applications in Agile environments, in a cost-cutting manner. The typical, flawed approach to application security is based on the network security model of “when we find a vulnerability, we patch it.” This forces your organization into a never-ending game of catch-up with attackers that is nothing more than a costly and time-consuming strategic failure.

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