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Def Con

A Portable Honeypot, the DEF CON 27 Blue Team Village Electronic Badge

Table of Contents Background Inspiration Features Design Hardware Software Programming Photos Videos Conclusion Last Updated: 2019-08-05 With the wave of low-cost PCBs and components, electronic conference badges are now pervasive. I decided to deviate a bit from our usual offensive security focus, have a little fun and build a mobile AP and honeypot which has now evolved to the DEF CON 27 Blue Team Village badge. This is a short history and overview of the badge, which has been in the works for the better part of a year.

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Getting Social with the Smart Grid @ DEF CON 18

I will be co-presenting “Getting Social with the Smart Grid” at this year’s DEF CON in Las Vegas. Littered with endless threats and vulnerabilities surrounding both social networking and the Smart Grid, the marriage of these two technologies is official, despite protests by the security community. Consumers love it because they can brag to their friends about how green they are. Businesses love it more because it provides fresh material for their marketing departments.

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